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Commercial, Residential High Quality Rubber Crumb Flooring from 100% Clean, Recycled Rubber.

    Winnipeg Rubber Crumb Surfacing Company

    Safe, Resilient, Non-abrasive Recycled Rubber

    Castle Stone Concrete Solutions provides rubber surfacing or rubber crumb for a variety of applications in Manitoba, including swimming pools, decks, home gyms, garages, and so much more. We are experts at installing rubber surfacing that is safe, durable, long-lasting and affordable.

    Our rubber floors are made of high quality rubber granules that can handle extreme heat, rain, snow, and ice. Our rubber flooring solutions can create a sense of luxury, comfort, and safety at home and at work.

    Superior Non-slip Rubber Surfaces

    Rubber crumb flooring, Winnipeg
    Garages & Driveways
    Rubber Surface Pool, Winnipeg
    Swimming Pools
    Rubber Crumb, rubber surface flooring, Winnipeg
    Patios & Porches
    Rubber surface gym, Winnipeg
    Gym Flooring
    Rubber Crumb Steps and Rubber Surface, Winnipeg
    Rubber surface playground, Winnipeg

    What is Rubber Surfacing or Rubber Crumb?

    Rubber Surfacing is the name given to recycled EPDM rubber granules that are combined with a highly sophisticated polyurethane binder to create a seamless rubber surface. Once mixed together, the solution is poured directly over existing cracked concrete, asphalt ,and uneven surfaces in walkways, apartment entrances, stairways and patios. Rubber surfacing is becoming increasingly popular because of its aesthetic and safety features. The rubber surface is slip resistance, low-maintenance, durable, long lasting, and comes in many colours.

    Rubber surfacing is also known as rubber flooring, rubber resurfacing, rubber crumb surface, recycled rubber surface, rubber pool decking, rubber paving, and rubber concrete coating.

    Benefits of Rubber Surfacing

    • Impact and slip resistant
    • Remains flexible in all environments
    • Retains and reduces heat
    • Covers cracked, broken, shifted surfaces
    • UV and chemically stable
    • Long Lasting, seamless appearance
    • Available in a wide range of colours
    • Custom design work
    • Noise reduction for indoor projects
    • Anti-microbial

    Our Rubber Surfacing System

    At Castle Stone, we use a high grade EPDM rubber granules and advanced polyurethane systems in all of our rubber floor applications. EPDM is the highest used resilient product on the market. Like steel, EPDM has many different grades and is used for many different applications in a multitude of different markets.

    Our EPDM has the perfect combination of flexibility and durability to give our customers the best resiliency possible. We have installed in some of the toughest, harshest environments in Manitoba, specifically the wet deck market. Our EPDM not only protects against chlorine, foot traffic, bacteria and UV rays, it looks beautiful, its seamless, and its extremely safe.

    Rubber granules for rubber flooring

    Colour Options

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